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AMHIG-related events at AAA

Given that we have experienced a recent surge in membership (for all new members, welcome!) we would like to put together a schedule of events at the AAA that would be of interest to AMHIG members attending the meeting. If you are participating in a panel, presenting a poster or film, or are involved in any other events or activities that would be of interest to the group, please consider providing us this information via the following link:
We will compile this information prior to the meeting and post it on our website.
Also, a reminder that the AMHIG business meeting will take place on Friday, 11/22 from 12:15-1:30. Last year’s inaugural meeting was interesting and fun, and we expect that this year’s will be even better. Finally, we are in the process of organizing an AMHIG happy hour and (with luck) a field trip/site visit pertaining to community mental health. We will keep you posted.
Best Wishes,

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