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The Anthropology and Mental Health Interest Group (AMHIG) provides a forum for anthropologists, scholars from other disciplines, and practitioners whose work focuses on the socio-cultural dimensions of mental health. In particular, AMHIG offers an organizational structure for scholars and practitioners engaged in this topic area to network, share resources, and develop new ideas.

This site is designed as a place to share, store and discuss topics related to Anthropology and Mental Health. We are a Special Interest Group (SIG) associated with theĀ Society of Medical Anthropology.


  1. To facilitate and promote anthropological teaching and scholarship pertaining to mental health.
  2. To establish linkages with other professional associations concerned with the socio-cultural dimensions of mental health, in order to facilitate multi-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration.
  3. To provide opportunities for discussion and collaboration between researchers and mental health practitioners.
  4. To promote discussion of ethical considerations particular to working with populations experiencing mental health problems.