Syllabus Project

The AMHIG Syllabus Project aims to create a robust collection of undergraduate and graduate course syllabi that focus, either broadly or specifically, on anthropology, culture, and mental health. Our goal is to create a collection of syllabi that will provide opportunities for faculty members, mental health practitioners, and the general public to learn about academic articles, books, reports, and resources that may be helpful for them in their work or everyday lives. We welcome syllabi from past, current, or future classes. Please submit your documents as PDFs or Word files to

We are grateful to AMHIG members for generously sharing their syllabi; by doing so, they are positively contributing to education about culture and mental health!

Aboriginal Mental Health and Illness (James Waldram)

Anthropology of Healing (James Waldram)

Cross-Cultural Issues in Mental Health (Bonnie (Fullard) Kaiser)

Culture and the Therapeutic Process (James Waldram)

Culture, Mental Health, and Illness (James Waldram)

Culture, Mental Health, and Psychiatry (Eugene Raikhel)

Culture and Mental Health (Jeffrey Snodgrass)

Culture and Mental Health (Joseph Gone)

Culture, Society and Mental Health (Michael Duke)

Ethnopsychiatry and Spiritual Healing (Jeffrey Snodgrass)