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This site is designed as a place to share, store and discuss topics related to Anthropology and Mental Health as part of the Anthropology and Mental Health Special Interest Group (SIG) associated with the Society of Medical Anthropology.

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AMHIG Congratulates Emma Backe, winner of the inaugural Student Travel Award!

Emma Backe has been awarded the first annual AMHIG Student Travel Award to present her research on HIV, gender-based violence, and syndics at the AAA/CASCA Meetings in Vancouver. Read More Here.

We are celebrating the success of AMHIG’s inaugural conference at American University!

AMHIG held its inaugural conference at American University in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, December 2, 2014, directly before the American Anthropological Association Annual Conference. The theme for this conference was “Current Issues and Future Directions in the Anthropology of Mental Health,” and American University generously hosted AMHIG participants at this inaugural meeting.


We are looking for bloggers!

Is there a new national or local policy about mental health that you’re fired up about? Did you encounter unexpected issues or challenges about mental health during a research project or fieldwork? Are you concerned about how mental health issues are represented in the media or by politicians? We are looking for guest bloggers (or regularly-featured bloggers) for our website! If you are interested in writing short articles about any of these topics, or any other topics related to anthropology and mental health, please contact us! We hope to develop a weekly or biweekly blog featuring short articles written by AMHIG members. This is a great opportunity for you to share your opinions and research in a public online setting, and to enhance your CV and professional reputation! Please contact us at aamhig@gmail.com with proposals for short blog posts.